Moving kits

Save time and money with our combined item kits (5% less than separate items).
Simply request order ref A, B, C or D, and add any number of extra kits/other items.
Our moving kits contain quality materials including cardboard double wall boxes.

movingSmall moving boxes355
Medium moving boxes21010
Large moving boxes5151010
X-Large moving boxes5
XX-Large moving boxes111
movingBubble wrap (50 x 10m)1112
movingTissue paper (50 sheets)11
movingPacking paper (50 sheets)12
movingPacking tape1112

Moving boxes

Quality (double wall), stackable, ideal for removals and storage

(Free quality tape with every 15 boxes)
Small moving boxesH31 x 31 x 31cm / 12 x 12 x 12"£1.50MB1
Medium moving boxesH41 x 41 x 41cm / 16 x 16 x 16"£2.00MB2
Large moving boxesH51 x 46 x 46cm / 20 x 18 x 18"£2.50MB3
x-Large moving boxes H61 x 46 x 46cm / 24 x 18 x 18"£3.00MB4
xx Large moving boxesH76 x 46 x 46cm / 30 x 18 x 18"£3.50MB5
x-Large Cube moving boxesH61 x 61 x 61cm / 24 x 24 x 24"£4.00MB6
movingWardrobe moving boxesH125 x 51 x 46cm / 20 x 18 x 49"£8.00MB7
Wardrobe moving boxes x 5H125 x 51 x 46cm / 20 x 18 x 49"£42.75MB8
Office moving boxes
movingArchive Box41 x 32 x 27cm / 16 x 12.5 x 10.5"£3.50MB9
Budget moving boxes (single wall)
(Free budget tape with each pack)
20 x Small46 x 31 x 25cm / 18 x 12 x 10"£20.00MB10
20 x Medium56 x 36 x 36cm / 22 x 14 x 14"£30.00MB11

Bubble Wrap

Small bubble wrap50cm x 5m / 20 x 197" roll£4.00B1
Small bubble wrap50cm x 10m / 20 x 393" roll£6.00B2
Small bubble wrap50cm x 20m / 20 x 787" roll£10.00B3
Small bubble wrap50cm x 100m / 20 x 3937" roll£18.00B4
movingSmall bubble wrap75cm x 100m / 30 x 3937" roll£24.00B5

Corrugated paper rolls

Corrugated Cardboard Paper Roll600mm x 10m / 24 x 394"£8.00CP1
movingCorrugated Cardboard Paper Roll600mm x 75m / 24 x 2953"£18.00CP2

Packing tapes

movingBrown/Clear packing tape48 mm x 66m roll£1.50PT1
moving'Fragile' printed packing tape48mm x 66m roll£1.50PT2
movingBudget brown packing tape48mm x 66m roll£1.00PT2
movingPacking Tape Dispenser Gun48mm x 66m roll£6.00PT3

Furniture covers (clear plastic)

Designed to fit all sizes of furniture

movingMattress cover183 x 223 x 236cm / 72 x 88 x 93"£4.00F1
movingSofa cover3m x 135cm / 118 x 53"£2.00F2

Paper packaging (white)

movingPacking paper50 sheets45 x 70cm £4.00P1
Packing paper100 sheets45 x 70cm£6.00P2
Packing paper250 sheets45 x 70cm£10.00P3
Packing paper500 sheets45 x 70cm£14.00P4

Tissue paper (white, acid free)

movingTissue paper50 sheets45 x 70cm£4.00T1
Tissue paper100 sheets45 x 70cm£2.00T2
Tissue paper250 sheets45 x 70cm£10.00T3
Tissue paper500 sheets45 x 70cm£14.00T4

Marker pen

So you know what's what!

Branded marker pen£1.00MP1

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